What is the matter with everyone out there.  Rush says a person has to be passionate to be sincere and then everyone interprets Newt Gingritch’s tantrums as passion.  I guess a temper tantrum can be considered passion, but it isn’t dignified and it shows a lack of self control.  I personally would llike a president who stayedincontrol underany and all provocation.  I admire calmness and dignity.  I believe a person can be ever so sincere and yet remain restrained  and maintain self command.  All the ovations for Newt were strange to me.  He must have expected one question on that issue juost to clear the air.  There was nothing despicable about it. He should have seen it as a good and quick way to answer the claims of his ex-wife.  He should have answered calmly and then said now let’s get on to the issues.  Besides why is a person despicable for doubting his change of heart but not for doubting other candidates change of heart on other issues?

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Hello world!

We made the switch.

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Trip to Utah

Last summer we went to Utah and take part in three different blessing and one baptism.  We stopped in Nebraska then Missouri and then Utah and managed to see Seth & family, Shem & family and the rest of the gang in Utah. 

This is Elizabeth Helen Atwater’s blessing last summer when we were visiting with Seth and his family.


This is Miley Reagan Collard’s blessing when we went out to Utah last summer.


This is a picture of Chryshal Dove & Shem Eliakim Atwater’s blessing when we went visit with Shem and his family last year.


This is Duncan’s baptism in Eagle Mountain Utah


This is the gang at a park in Salt Lake City.


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Mel’s new house

This is a picture of Mel’s new house she is building.  This was actually taken last fall and it looks even better now.  Mel tells me they now have a roof.  There are more pictures in the album.
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Memorial Day

  For Memorial Day we went to our small Newport parade and then up to Pemaquid Point Lighthouse.  Pemaquid Point is the Lighthouse on the back of the Maine state quarter. We had lunch together and then toured the lighthouse and the museum attached to it.  We went with Chelle and her kids, Cindi, Dan & their children, Abel & Lucelly and Abelito and Jarom, Patricia and Joseph.  We all had a great time.                           
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We just want to welcome the whole family to the grand opening of the Black Bear’s Den, our blog page.  We will be updating you all with pictures so you will know all about the happenings of life here in Palmyra Maine.
Mom & Dad

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